Our Board of Directors:


President: Susan Sperry Susan Sperry
1st Vice President: Dick Olsen Dick Olsen
2nd Vice President: Bill Lund Bill Lund
Recording Secretary: Susan Skilton  Susan Skilton
Corresponding Secretary: Rosemary Coburn Rosemary Coburn
Treasurer: Bob Sornsen Bob Sornsen
Parliamentarian: John Minney John Minney
Board Members: Bro. Mel Anderson Brother Mel Anderson


Membership: Bill Lund  
Programs: Dick Olsen and Ron Louis  
Archives: Margaret DePriester  
Research: Susan Skilton  
Romerias: Dick Olsen  
Pot Luck: YTBD for '16  
Banquet: Susan Sperry   
Telephone: Ellie Vaughan  
Quarterly Larry Swindell  
Publicity:  Susan Sperry  
Marketing:  Ron Louis  
Hospitality/Refreshments Ron Louis  
New Member Orientation Elsie Mastick